Thursday, November 6, 2014


We were getting ready to eat dinner, and I looked out the window and saw Weston blowing bubbles to Kai.  Eventually Weston joined the dog outside, and it was fun to see them both trying to get the bubbles.  They were almost like siblings fighting over them.  I think Kai and Weston are on about the same level right now - they're pretty good buddies.  Sometimes I wonder if Kai is actually nipping at Weston.  I think she is just trying to lick his face and play with him.

Savannah joined in the bubble fun on another day.  

 She likes wearing hats, particularly backwards.  Is she going to be an athletic girl?  Don't know, but she sure is cute right now!


Savannah has started praying recently.  She likes to say a prayer before naptime too.  So cute.  This time she was praying over her hot dog, which she calls "diggity dogs."  We checked out a Mickey Mouse's Club House video from the library, which has the hot dog dance on there.  That's where she gets diggity dog - "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog..."  It was so cute the first time she pointed at the hot dogs in the fridge and said, "Diggity dog."  

I tried to get it on video:

my brave firemen

Cub scout Jared

Jared's birthday was back in May, but it was after all the pack meetings were done for the summer.  He finally did his bobcat ceremony in September.  Often, there will be at least 2 boys doing the ceremony at the same time.  Jared was the only one this time, so he got to say the oath, and promise and such by himself.  He did a great job, saying them all without help.  We officially have a Wolf in the house!  (I think by the time Weston does scouts, we should be experts in all this scout stuff.) 

Let there be chocolate cake!

I thought it was time for a new picture of Alex and me (since we were looking nice for church anyway).  Our anniversary is in August and birthdays in September.  We didn't do anything big to celebrate, but we had plenty of cake!  We had cake with Alex's family when we were there in August, and my family had cake for me when I flew to TX in September.  I made a cake for Alex's birthday, and our home teacher from church brought over a HUGE cake the afternoon of my birthday (Alex got off easy...)  The cake was too big for our family to eat, so I decided to get some friends together at the last minute to help us eat the cake.  

 14 years together!  We got married in 2000 - it's easy to remember how many years.  

We celebrated my uncle Doug's birthday too.  Chocolate cake - YUMMY!

My birthday this year was a memorable one.  Luckily we had plenty of sweets on my birthday - we literally had a stinkin' morning, since our dog got sprayed by a skunk just outside our open window.  The whole house smelled bad for a couple of days with the stench.  (We took the cake over to a friend's house to celebrate where it didn't smell!)  

We got to shop for a new cage for the dog that morning, so she could sleep inside again at night, and gave her a special bath.  The day could only get better from there, and it did.