Friday, October 16, 2015

Our SMART princess

 Savannah manages well with her brothers - she can be tough and bossy.  But she is not a tomboy.  She loves dresses.  Her favorite ones this summer were this blue one and the pink & white striped dress.  She wanted to wear those all the time.

Hanging out at swimming lessons... she wanted me to take pictures of her.  She knows she is cute.  But if you tell her she's cute, she might say, "I'm not cute.  I'm SMART."  I got a kick out of her telling me that!  
It's true though - she is a smart girl... enough to climb up and get my make-up, open it, and put it ALL over.  She even painted her feet and her tongue.  (A first for me, calling poison control... just to be sure she was okay with swallowing mascara.)

This was the first time she got into my make-up - but not the last.  She found it again a few weeks later!  I need a box with a lock... to keep Savannah in!  ;)