Monday, June 22, 2015


 Red Solo cups have multiple uses!

It's more fun to paint yourself than the paper!

Best part of the day...watermelon and strawberries!

Somehow the jack-o-lanterns ended up as pigs...

And the minions became cowboys...

Once again, Weston didn't like eating the jello, but he enjoyed making it!

Baba & Papa visit

My parents came to visit for a few days in June.  They visited my brother and family for a few days after Nicholas' baptism.  Then they hung out with us for a few days before heading on to their next stop - Colorado and then Utah.  They ended up seeing all of their grandkids in a couple of weeks.  (They went from TX to CA to CO to UT - by plane and train).  I'm sure they were worn out by the end of their trip, but we were glad to see them for a short & sweet visit.

miles and smiles

Jared and Nathan participated in the running club at school during lunchtime.  About halfway through, Nathan opted to do a basketball league during lunchtime instead of the running.  But Jared completed the whole thing, getting to run the 26th mile at the high school track.  The mile at the track was actually Jared's 39th mile - I think he completed the most miles of any of the kids at school.  

You can see that for the 3rd and 4th graders, it was a handful of girls and two boys.  About 30 kids from grades 1-6 got to participate in the final mile.  I regret not timing his mile, but it was pretty fast.  I ran one lap with him and had trouble keeping up!  Way to go Jared!

my nephew's baptism

We got to see Nicholas' baptism in May - glad to be a part of the special day for him.  Nathan and Jared sang "The Holy Ghost" as part of the program (while I played the piano).  My mom and Carrie's mom gave talks on baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Carrie, Alex, and my dad shared their testimony.  Mike performed the baptism, and the dads participated in the confirmation for Nicholas to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Congratulations to Nicholas!

Plenty of silliness too!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fun with Dad

Nathan and Jared went on a hike with Alex and the dog.  They all did well.  

The one who was most worn out...

Typical Sunday afternoon with Legos and quiet time!

These kids are lucky to have such a fun dad who likes to go hiking, play Legos and games with them!

Monday, June 15, 2015

若令努 誕生日 - Jared's birthday

Jared wanted french toast, eggs, and bacon for breakfast.  He wanted lasagna and rolls for dinner.  I didn't do a cake on his actual birthday, because I did one for his party later.  But our home teacher brought over a giant cake for Jared the day before his birthday.  (We gave half of it away, because we would not have finished it.)  

This was a friend party year for Jared, so we did a ninja themed party.  We invited 12 boys - 10 of them were able to come, so we had 14 boys and 1 girl (Savannah) running around our home!  

I made headbands for everyone - with their names ironed on in Japanese kanji.  Hopefully they're right - I wouldn't know if they said something different!  The poster above says, "Jared ninja party" and the target says "Ninja warrior".  The rubber ninja stars I ordered didn't work on the styrofoam target, but it was a cute decoration.

I saw some cute rice krispie "sushi" on pinterest, but it seemed like too much work for them to not even know what it was supposed to be.  (My kids have never had sushi.)  Instead, I did rice krispie squares with sprinkles (to look like dirty rice), jelly beans, and chex muddy buddies (to resemble meat).  I put those in take-out boxes that say "thank you" in the Japanese characters.

Jared specifically wanted a green ninja cake, so I did that, along with some black ninja cupcakes.  

We had grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and fruit for dinner.  They played one game that I planned (trying to knock their opponent off the line).  I think they were making up their own games too.  The rest of the time they played capture the flag and ran around like ninjas!

Jared had a good time - It was a success!  

Lego wallpaper

I decided to do something with the Lego boxes that were still around.  I cut the fronts and backs off of them and taped them to the wall.  The walls in our lego room are pretty yucky anyway, so this cardboard "wallpaper" is an improvement.  I should have taken some more pictures AFTER Jared's birthday, because he got more wallpaper!  Too bad we didn't save all of their Lego boxes from the beginning - the walls would be full.  

Too many Legos around here...

Sunday, June 14, 2015

bikes, band-aids, toenails, and grins

They still need a lot of practice!  Owen ended up with a pretty big scrape on his knee from falling down.  Weston was trying so hard to pedal - maybe he just needs a bike that isn't so sensitive when you push backwards on them.  He tries to push DOWN, but ends up braking instead.  


I guess I shouldn't have left the Frozen "stickers" on the table...
                                                                                 First time to paint Savannah's toenails

We got some storage bins from our neighbors.  Apparently they work well to sit in!

                                                                               Piggy and Weston were enjoying a video together....

Savannah got some new purple glasses, with sparkles on the side.  They're a little bit big, but she likes them better than the other pair that wrapped around her ears.  They help her see better, but too bad they don't keep her from getting stuck in funny places!