Friday, August 29, 2008


So here's some of the names we're thinking about. Any that you like? None of them are family names, so I won't get offended if you say you don't like them. The middle name might be Knight (it is a family name).

Charles (Charlie)
Meyer or Myer

They're in no particular order and who knows what we'll come up with next.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

recommendations wanted

Okay, so I do need to get a few things even though we're having another boy. And I want your recommendations...

This is what we'll be looking for, so tell me what you like:

- new infant car seat (easily portable)
- some kind of carrier- I'm thinking a sling, but have no idea what's good. (I would still like to walk Nathan to school and push Jared in the stroller, so is there a good comfortable carrier for the baby? maybe I'm being too naive about this...)
- thermometer? I was thinking about one of those kind you rub across the forehead...are they worth it? (I'm about done with the rectal thermometers!)

Tell me what other great things I need...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

weekend guests

I didn't take any pictures... but we did have a nice weekend with Alex's aunt Ray and uncle Warren, who were visiting from Florida. They actually were on their way back from a trip to Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and were heading back home. They spent a couple of days with us. There wasn't much to do here- On Friday, Alex took them on a hot 3-mile walk around the lake while the boys played on the playground. We watched a movie on Friday evening. On Saturday, we picked up Alex's brother Jim and headed to Turner Falls, about 3 hours from here. It was pretty- it had been about 9 years since I was last there. We swam a little bit in the mucky water and then headed to OK City and ate at one of the restaurants in Bricktown. It was good to see Ray and Warren, although I'm sure they are enjoying the peace and quiet now. They're not used to being around noisy, active kids...

new calling

Alex got a new responsibility in church. He's the 2nd counselor in the bishopric. Many of you know what that entails and we'll take your condolences... :) for those not familiar with the church and its organization, his new position is like the counselor/assitant/adviser to the "bishop" (or pastor/minister, etc.). Anyway, it's a pretty big responsibility and not one that he wanted or aspired to be. When you are "called" to a position you can accept or reject it, but usually you accept whatever you are asked to do, believing that it was an inspired call from the the Lord. We were a little surprised that Alex was called at this time to such a calling, but we know the Lord provides a way and we are expecting lots of blessings from our service. One of the hard things for me will be the time he will be away for meetings and visits and such. Also, on Sundays he is supposed to sit up front on the stand, which means I will be attending to the kids on my own. I already had people offer to help, which I definitely will need when the new baby comes.

Despite feelings of inadequacy, I do know that Alex will do well in his calling, because of his love for the Lord and dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well, Nathan is having fun at school. I don't really know all that they do- Nathan says they eat breakfast, play outside, and sing songs. He came home one day this week and while we were eating lunch, he stuck up his middle finger and said, "Look what I learned!"

I was a little shocked and wondered who he learned that from. He said he learned it from his teacher, so I assume they sang, "Where is thumbkin?" He learned how to hold up "tall man" - great...

It's been nice walking with him to school in the morning. It takes us about 15 minutes. Jared likes the stroller ride and I get a little exercise.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nathan's 1st day of school

Nathan had his first day of Pre-K yesterday. (He picked out his clothes himself.) He was pretty excited and had fun. He goes to half-day right now, but we might try full day in January. Nathan clutched my hand pretty tight, but did fine as we left. I wasn't emotional- maybe because it's only half-day, but it was a little strange leaving him at SCHOOL...

Ashley and Daniel's wedding

Ashley and Daniel's wedding and sealing to Jaden was incredible. They were married in the Houston Temple on August 9th. I was so touched by the spirit to see a family united together forever. I can't even describe it- just pure joy. I'm so happy for them.

The guys (minus Daniel!)

Daniel has 3 brothers and one brother-in-law: Ryan, Josh, Andrew, and Jacob. (I hope I didn't leave anyone out.) On Ashley's side, one brother Mike and 2 brother-in-laws, Alex and Micah.

I didn't get a good shot of the girls, but Daniel had 1 sister there: Tina (another sister Samantha couldn't make it), and one sister-in-law Ali (and another sister-in-law who wasn't there). Ashley had 1 sister-in-law Carrie, and 3 sisters, Audrey, Alison, and me.

Micah and Alison

my grandma

Dad and Audrey

the parents

Jared and Dad

The reception:

Jaden was a little jealous...

Mike and Carrie

Nathan, Jaden, and Jared- best buddies

While Ashley and Daniel were off to their honeymoon, Jaden had his own "honeymoon party"...

Jaden's get away car! (He does have a pull-up on...)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here's what happened when we told Jared he was getting another brother... I know how you feel Jared.

Just kidding. But Nathan was the most disappointed. He said he didn't want another brother, we don't need any more boys, and he wants a sister.

Not this time...