Sunday, July 5, 2015

Farewell friends

Our good friends moved to Washington this summer - we enjoyed getting to know them and will miss them.  I first got to know Julie when she did preschool for Owen and Weston a couple years ago at her home.  She offered to do school, for free, one morning a week for the whole school year.  I think she had 7 or 8 kids there!  

Julie was a lifesaver many times in watching our kids for us.  I could always count on Julie to help out.  I think she might be relieved to be out of baby-sitting duties for us... :)  Savannah and Weston especially loved going over to their house.  And Savannah often wanted to be held by Julie or to be pushed on the swing at the park by Julie.  Savannah also loved their oldest son Trey.  

We also enjoyed just hanging out, occasionally catching up on episodes of our favorite TV shows or pizza and movie nights for the kids.  I also got to work with Julie in primary.  She was the 1st counselor, so I got to watch her from behind the piano every Sunday.  She was really good with the kids.  I just got called to fill her spot in primary, which will be tough to fill.  I won't be able to hide behind the piano anymore...

Alex also got released from the bishopric to be the new scoutmaster.  Julie's husband Jeff was the scoutmaster.  I don't like that Julie and Jeff moved, but I am actually relieved that Alex will not be sitting up on the stand anymore during sacrament meeting.  He will be "down in the trenches" with me and the kids again.  I guess I can thank our friends for the change in callings - both Alex and I took their spots.

We will miss them, but we know the Lord has them in mind with this new opportunity for them.

Thanks for the fun times!

last day of K, 3rd, and 5th grade

The kindergarten classes did a whole program on the last day.  They sang songs, got certificates, and each got to speak in a microphone about their favorite part of the year.  I missed Owen's spotlight, because it was so fast, but he said his favorite part was the school carnival. 

He actually probably enjoyed just about everything about kindergarten.  He made lots of friends, including a few "girlfriends".  He loved his teacher, and he loved going to school every day.

Jared and Nathan both had another great year, with great teachers and good friends.  I think they might have learned a little bit too!

Nathan got the favorite of the 5th grade teachers this year - everyone wants to be in his class.  Lucky Nathan!

So, here's looking at my new 1st, 4th, and 6th graders!

(I think Nathan is going to be taller than me soon...!)

Thursday, July 2, 2015