Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Camping is better with friends!

Before school started, we took a little 3 day/2 night camping trip with friends.  We had a really good time - not much captured on camera though.  I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I usually do.  Luckily, Donald and Julie took a few - some of these are theirs.  I wish I had taken a picture of them cooking with the Dutch ovens.  One of my favorite parts of the trip was the food!  They know how to cook!  We know who to take with us on our camping trips. We had cookies and muffins hot out of a camping oven.  We also had chicken and veggies from a Dutch oven.  

Alex and I did hotdogs and chips and smores the first night.  Alex cooked eggs and sausage for breakfast the first morning.  After those meals, we got to enjoy the gourmet meals!  :)  

The kids were easily entertained with the trees - fun for climbing!

We all took a hike on the 2nd day - 2 mile round trip.  I took quite a few pictures of Savie - she was just too cute.  And stubborn.  She insisted on walking on her own for most of it.  She did the first mile all on her own.  I carried her a little ways up to the look-out.  Then she let Alex carry her on his shoulders on the way down.  (I couldn't find the jacket I brought for her, so she had to wear a Batman hoodie...)    

There were 3 families on our camping trip.  Glad to get all the kids (and Lance) in one of the pictures - 12 kids made for a great time!  Savie loved hanging out with Becca and Ammy.  Ammy is just a few months older than Savie.  

It was a little overcast, but you can still see Morro Rock and the bayhead delta in the background.  Alex was most excited about the bayhead delta!  

Savie and Weston were excited for a snack - apples!

There was a swing along the hike - pretty cool.

The last picture below is Owen with a bird whistle - the kids all got one for completing a questionnaire during our museum visit.  The kids liked the (Morro) rock listening devices - not sure why Savie is wearing swim goggles...

We stayed a little longer than our friends - made a last stop to do a boat tour of the bay.  We were impressed - saw plenty of otters and sea lions.  The kids enjoyed the binoculars too.  They all got a stuffed Nemo fish for souvenir - that's what Savie has in her mouth.  

If there were 2 of anything, it was a "mama and baby" to Savie...

Who wants to go with us on our next trip?

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