Monday, October 29, 2012


This is what the boys wanted to be for Halloween this year:

They love the Lego Ninjago guys and each wanted to be one of the characters.  (Weston didn't really have a choice.  The boys decided for him.  I think he likes acting like a ninja, but didn't want to wear the mask or symbol.  He probably would have preferred to be a dinosaur...)  Each of the characters have a color, name, and symbol.  I had high hopes of finding costumes on-line for cheap, but really was only finding costumes for $15-25 each.  I'm not spending $100 on costumes!  I next attempted to find solid colored pj's or sweatsuits, but didn't have much luck.  They were still going to cost about $12-15 each and I would still have to do the accessories.  I even looked at the thrift stores, but no luck.  Okay... that left one option.  Make them.  Fabric is still expensive too, but I found colored sheets at the thrift store.  Next problem:  I had never sewn pants or shirts before.  But the on-line resources are great!  I found step-by-step tutorials.  The one site I ended up using was  She has tutorials for lots of kids clothes and some printable patterns as well.  I needed bigger sizes than her patterns.  Her suggestion was to take some clothes they already have, turn them inside out, and trace a pattern from it.  I thought I could at least put together something suitable for a costume.  They definitely look homemade, but they're good enough for the boys.  And they only ended up being about $6 each.  

We got invited to a halloween party this past weekend.  They had some fun games and lots of yummy food - loved the mummy dogs and ice cream eyeballs.  Nathan is trying to eat a donut off a string without it falling off.  

I decided to make some last minute attire, a knock off version of what you can buy on-line (again for much more than I wanted to spend).  I attempted to do my own.  The glow-in-the-dark paint faded quite a bit when it dried.  Probably should have done white paint and then some glow-in-the-dark on top of that... but I think you can still tell what it's supposed to be.  :)  


The Purtle's said...

you are so resourceful! Love!

Mary Karlee Mullen said...

Annie, they look great! Did you think they will their suits every day after Halloween too? Such ninja awesome-ness. And thanks for passing on the blue fabric, it worked perfectly for Rex's costume. Pics coming soon. :)

Debora said...

Awesome pics of the boys. I'm glad you showed me the legos first so I knew what you were doing :)

Alison said...

Awesome, Annie! Way to go, miss seamstress in the making ;)

Melissa said...

Coolest costumes ever!! What a great idea!! My boys were thrilled when they saw! I love your shirt too- how cute!!