Sunday, June 24, 2012

I looked out the window and what did I see...?

A raccoon??  

We watched this raccoon wander around in our front yard.  It was either hurt or sick.  It kept falling over.  We got to watch someone from animal control come get it and take it away.  The boys were fascinated.  It was quite entertaining to see what seemed like a drunk raccoon.  

home improvement

Good-bye Kindergarten and 2nd grade

Both Nathan and Jared had excellent teachers this year and good friends.  I think I captured Jared's best buddies.  I only got pictures with a couple of Nathan's buddies - he's a pretty social guy.  I don't think Nathan will have any problems transitioning to a new school next year.  Jared probably won't either, but we are sad to break up Jared and his buddy Connor (the other cute little guy with glasses).  They're just so fun to see playing together.  Jared requested a picture with a girl!  Uh-oh... 

Nathan and Jared both did great in school this year.  Nathan would want me to tell you that he got 100% on all his spelling tests again this year.  Atta boy!

Good job Nathan and Jared on a great year!

mother daughter questionnaire

Here is the questionnaire that we used at our mother and daughter luncheon.  I decided to ask my mom to answer the questions.  I also asked my sisters to answer (Alison has been too busy :) )  Here is what we said, although 15 and 19 were about ME, so that one was harder for Aud and Ash to answer.

Daughters answers about moms
1.  Her favorite color
Sea green
2.  Her favorite flower
Snap dragon
Snap dragon
Snap dragon
3.  Her favorite snack
Greek yogurt
Fiber one bars/ popcorn
4.  What color clothing does she like to wear?
5.  Her favorite TV show
Glenn Beck
Fox News
Doesn’t watch much TV
6.  Her favorite grocery store
7.  If she could get a new car, what kind of car would she want?
She seems pretty happy with her suburban
8.  Her favorite kind of music
Country love songs
9.  If she had the choice, would she most often choose a Mexican, Chinese, or Italian restaurant?
10.  If she had to go to a sporting event, which one would she enjoy the most?  (a) football   (b) hockey   (c) baseball  (d) basketball game
11.  Which would your mom most enjoy going to?  (a) a ballet or dance  (b) a play  (c)  music concert  (d) magic show
Magic show
Music concert
12.  Will your mom say she is best at reading, math, science, or art?
13.  What is your mom’s biggest pet peeve?
Bratty teens who don’t know what they want in a prom dress
14.  What will your mom say is her LEAST favorite thing about being a mom?
Worrying about her kids
Sitting in the freezing cold soccer games that she so willingly did for us, but still wouldn’t be her least favorite.  Least fav is not living closer to each of us.
15.  What will your mom say that she admires most about YOU?
Loyalty to gospel and being a good mom
Not sure… compassion?
Being a mom
16.  Will your mom say she is a morning person or a night person?
17.  If your mom had $50 to do with as she pleased, would she most likely (a) spend it on clothes or shoes  (b) go on an outing with friends or date with dad  (c)  use it to buy gifts for others  (d)  save it  (e)  lose it
(c) gifts for others
(c) gifts for others
(c) gifts for others
18.  What is your mom most afraid of?
Something bad happening to family members
Hurting people’s feelings
Some sort of natural disaster causing her to lose her precious family pictures and priceless valuables  OR spiders and crawly things
19.  What is your mom’s favorite thing to do with you?
Talk about family or relationships
Go to temple
Go to the store
20.  What will your mom say is one thing sure to put her in a really good mood?
Reading kids blogs or date with Dad to Sonic
Helping others
Datenight trip to Whataburger for fries and hamburgers  OR getting everything done on her to do list or getting at least one big organizing project done

And here is what my mom said:
1.  Maroon
2.  snap dragon
3.  yogurt
4.  black
5.  Fox News
6.  HEB
7.  suburban
8.  country
9.  Mexican
10.  basketball
11.  music concert
12.  art
13.  clutter
14.  having all the kids move away
15.  her spiritual strength
16.  morning
17.  buy clothes or shoes
18.  heights and roller coasters
19.  hang out
20.  seeing a new blog post with pictures

And here is what the moms answered.  It's geared towards a daughter living at home with their mom, so some of them didn't really go well with our relationship.  My answers about me are there, and Audrey answered about herself too, so I added that info for fun.  (My mom didn't answer questions about Audrey.)

Moms, answer these questions about your daughter:

1.  Her favorite color

Lime green, turquoise, red
2.  Her favorite kind of dessert

Strawberry cheesecake
Smoothies or pie
panna cotta, cheesecake, sprinkles cupcakes
3.  Most hated vegetable

Brussel sprouts
4.  Her favorite thing to wear

Sweat pants
Solid colored tee and jeans
5.  Her favorite restaurant

Olive Garden
Canary by Gorgi
6.  Her favorite kind of exercise

Jogging stroller

7.  Her favorite movie star

Reese Witherspoon, Matthew McConaughey
Meryl Streep
8.  Her LEAST favorite school subject
9.  What does she most often say or do in response to your answer “No”? 

Go to her room and pout J
Can’t remember the last time she said “No”.  She usually gives in.
Can’t remember mom ever telling me no
10.  Will your daughter say your last argument/disagreement with her was over a person, a place, or a thing?

We never argue J
Can’t remember – probably a person
We disagree on some political fronts but we never argue about it
11.  What will your daughter say is the phrase you most often say to her?

“What are you doing?”
“Sounds good.”
“Well okay”
12.  What will she say HER best physical feature is?

Her pretty face
Red hair
13.   What quality about you does she most admire? 
No drama  J
Always thinking about others - thoughtfulness
Steady and humble
14.  Her favorite way to spend a Saturday morning

Doing whatever she “wants”, rather than what she “has to”
Sleeping in, then jogging
Playing with Eli
15.  If you gave her $50 to do with as she pleased, would she most likely   (a) spend it on clothes or shoes    (b) go on an outing with friends     (c) use it to buy gifts for others      (d) save it     (e) lose it

Buy clothes or shoes
Save it or spend it on others
Outing with Sam
16.  What is your daughter most afraid of?

Mice  J
My kids, me, husband, or family members dying
Losing a child
17.  What is her favorite holiday?

18.  What is her favorite thing to do with you?

Hang out
Look at pictures, talk about relationships or gospel
Go to temple
19.  What will she say is her biggest pet peeve?

Legos J
Rude people, bad language, those that don’t do what they say they will
20.  What will your daughter say is one thing sure to put her in a really good mood?   

The boys playing nice with each other and being nice to her.
Clean house, happy kids
Jones Cream Soda & clean soft sheets

And here is a picture of what Jared made at school about me.  He did pretty good, except for my favorite food...  I guess to his credit, we do go there often (but not for me!).