Sunday, February 24, 2013


The other day we were trying to explain what math is to Owen (4 year old).  Alex was trying to put it in terms of something he likes - Legos.  So Alex says,

"If you have 3 Lego sets and you get 1 more set, then how many do you have?"


"That's math.  You just did math."

(Says Owen, with a little confusion) "So math is getting new Lego sets?"

He was pretty excited about math!

I love the way a four year old's mind works.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Boots on"

He's just too cute.  Especially with these rain boots on.  Irresistible.

pretty things in the yard


our apple tree

lemon tree


2 month cutie


30?  Bring it on!

I think Audrey is pretty fearless.  This picture was taken before she went skydiving a while back.  I think the shirt means "victory or death".  I guess that's perfect for skydiving...  Anyway, I'm not sure what scares Audrey, but I don't think being 30 is one of those things.  

For her birthday, Sam put together a video of family and friends wishing her a happy birthday.  I wrote a silly little poem for her.  I thought you might enjoy it too.  I would share my video, but I hate the way I sound!  So here's the written poem, about the changes your 30's might bring. (Keep in mind, I'm still in the sleep deprived mode...)  :)  

Happy birthday Aud!

Hooray!  You're 30! Older and wiser too.
Expect some things the same, some things new.

This phase of life will be full of growth, 
Some welcome, some not, a little of both.

New babies will be a welcome delight.
Not so welcome, clothes getting too tight.

A few more wrinkles and gray hair may appear,
But also a time of more success in your career.

More work comes as your family grows,
But also more joy, hopefully more highs than lows.

You may be trading in your quiet outings or fancy dinner dates
For frozen pizza or mac & cheese on plastic plates.

When you once could work out or play on the racquetball court,
Your time may be better spent building legos or a fort.

More dishes in the sink, clothes and toys on the floor,
Surely will come, requiring more work than before.

More organization, sacrifice, and communication is a must.
Character built, a time for strengthening love and trust.

Sticky fingers, spilled milk, and strong wills is a test
Of patience and kindness, putting selfish pride to rest.

Giggles and snuggles and funny things said
Makes it all worth it; so many good times ahead.

Success is determined by the choices you make, 
Your faith & trust in God, balancing give and take.

Regardless of changes in career, age, or size,
One thing stays the same - it never dies.

A loyal and loving family is always by your side, 
Cheering you on, we're along for the ride!

Embrace the good times, in challenges do your best.
Laugh, love, give it your all - let the Lord do the rest!

I love to see the temple...

...I'm going there someday...

We accomplished our monthly temple visit in January.  I wasn't sure how it would go having to watch all 5 of them, but they were good.  Alex and I take turns going in to do temple work since the kids are not allowed inside.  It helps to have beautiful weather, to be able to sit in the car and watch a video or walk around the temple grounds.  This was a special visit, since it was Savannah's first time to the temple.  I feel like we make a pretty big sacrifice to go once a month, but I also know we have been blessed by our commitment and effort to go.   

The kids probably won't remember much about these visits, but I think they will remember that we went to the temple often.  I hope they will know how important the temple is to us.  The things that take place in the temple are what allow our family to be together as a family forever, even after we die.  That brings me peace and comfort.  I am also grateful for the opportunity to do work for those who have already passed on and were unable to do their own ordinances.  (Whether they accept that work on their behalf is up to them...)  We hope to be able to prepare more family names to take to the temple and get their work done.  The temple is a place of peace and hope and being able to feel close to the Lord.  We have received answers to prayers, direction, and lots of peace and comfort while in the temple.  I don't always have a spiritual experience when I'm there, but I always feel good about doing something for someone that they couldn't do for themselves. It's a beautiful thing.  For those of you that can go now, I say GO and GO OFTEN.  Take the kids with you.  For those of you not quite ready, prepare yourself to be able to go.  It's worth it!   

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who needs a man...

...when you have a sweet baby to be your valentine?

Love this girl!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Before & After

I had a little surgery performed...  I feel so much better!  :)  

random playtime pictures

big brother

I'm not sure he likes it much, but Nathan has to be a big helper sometimes.  He was pretty proud that she fell asleep while holding her.

Savannah smiles!

It's still hard to capture the smiles, but they're coming, along with some funny faces!


I was feeding Savannah and had the camera right next to me.  I snapped a few shots of Weston.  This seems to be his life right now, pretty bored, just waiting for someone to play or give him some attention... poor 4th born.  I think he was actually supposed to be in bed!  He knows when Mama can't do anything about it.

new improved car

We touched up Nathan's car a bit for the district race (we did leave some BB's in the very back...:))  He didn't have anything to be embarrassed about this time.  It looked cool AND it was fast!  He got 2nd in the wolves and got to be in the king of the hill race.  That was top ten out of everyone, which was about 74 cars.  Not too shabby.  Good job Nathan (and Alex)!  Too bad his car only weighed 5 oz. instead of the allowed 6 oz...

out with the with the new

We finally got rid of our old couch back in October.  We got it from my grandma about 10 (?) years ago.  I can't remember now how long we had it.  Anyway, it was pretty old and nasty after goop from 4 boys.  Plus, it was broken.  The sofa bed broke, so the cushions sunk in every time we sat on it.  Plus, it was scratching up the wood floor.  We were grateful to have it, but it was time for it to go.  We set it out on the curb, and put it on the "free" stuff on Craigslist, hoping someone would come take it.  We ended up leaving it out there for a few weeks before our neighbor kindly offered to haul it to the dump.  :)   Yes, we were one of those people who just left their junk on the curb.  We actually joked that we could probably put it in our neighbor's front yard and they wouldn't even know it.  They have had all kinds of stuff in their yard (I think they're working on a big project?).  They're very nice neighbors though.

Anyway, it was funny to look out the window one day and see Nathan sitting on the couch.  He was waiting for his ride to scouts.  Maybe we should have left it there??  Ha ha!  I bet the neighborhood cats enjoyed it too...

How long do you think the new couches will last??

Take a hike!

I missed this post... these pictures were on another camera.  Alex took the boys for a little outing one morning during Christmas break.  This was about the time when I really needed a quiet break from the boys.  "Take a hike!" 
They had a good time, which they usually do when they're outside.  Alex used to take them almost every Saturday morning when we first moved to CA.  I think he wore them out.  Whenever Alex suggests hiking now, the boys usually complain.  But once they get out there, they love it.  The very last picture of Weston trying to climb up the rock makes me cringe a little bit!  I guess that's a benefit of outings without mom - Dad's a little more adventurous.  (I don't necessarily like to know what they're doing...)  They all came back happy and in one piece.

shootin' hoops

Nathan loves sports.  He has loved basketball for a long time, and he has always seemed to have good hand-eye coordination.  One of these days, we'll actually sign him up to play in a league... we meant to this winter season, but then decided it would be too much with a new baby.  The boys have "taken one for the team" as far as activities this year.  Nathan loves to play sports at recess.  He comes home talking about what happened during the game.  (My favorite thing about school was playing sports too.)   

We finally bought a real basketball goal, and Alex got it set up in the back yard.  Nathan comes home from school and heads outside.  It's fun to see him out shooting hoops.  He's really good!  I was surprised to see how good of a shot he has now.  When did my little boy get so big?  Seems like he was just shooting hoops on the little plastic basketball goal, trying so hard just to get it up there.  And then he was doing dunks on the little goal.  Now, he's shooting 3's on a real hoop!