Friday, May 31, 2013

Jedi Jared

Jared's birthday was on a Saturday this year, but Alex was out of town that day we were busy.  So we did his big party the next weekend.  On his birthday, he got his requested breakfast and dinner.  I made pigs in a blanket to take for lunch.  I say "take" because they went over to a friend's house while I went to a church speaker/luncheon.  He had a great time because he got to play video games.  In the afternoon, he got to go to a superhero birthday party for one of his church friends (thus the Batman costume and black mark on his face).  So he did get cake on his birthday, just not his own birthday cake.  After McDonald's we watched a movie and had popcorn and ice cream. Pretty fun day.  He opened presents in the morning.  He knew he was getting Jabba's Palace (a big expensive Lego set) because we made him chip in some of his savings to buy it.  He was looking forward to opening it.  

This was Jared's year to do a friend party, so we invited 10 kids.  Only 1 wasn't able to come, but a sister came along with her brothers.  So there ended up being 14 kids with Jared, Nathan, Weston, and Owen included.  It was a little chaotic with 14 kids running around with lightsabers!  We survived, and I think everyone had fun.  

The cake was a bit of a flop.  I tried to do marshmallow fondant lettering, and it came out awful.  And then the whole cake sort of melted.  The death star looking thing fell off completely (I just plopped it back on) and the words started drooping too.  It was pretty shabby looking, but it was yummy at least.  I love how even 7 year olds still get cake all over their face.   

I pulled some game ideas off Pinterest - shooting the stormtrooper, a Sith and Jedi freeze tag game, keep the balloon up with a lightsaber, and a pinata.  The pinata was my best creation for this party and super easy too.  No papier mache involved - just a paper bag and crepe paper streamer glued on.  I printed off a Darth Vader head and made a wrapping paper red lightsaber.  Only Nathan didn't get a chance to hit the Pinata before it burst.  So it made it through 13 kids.  There were "Darkside Skittles" inside the Pinata, along with a few other sweets.  I found the light batons on Amazon.  I just added some black tape.  Luckily they sent me the wrong ones (multi-colored) the first time around, so they sent me the correct ones (red, green, and blue) and said to keep the wrong batch.  I ended up with 24 light batons, and we went through just about that many.  They weren't designed to be used as weapons...      

After games and presents, we had pizza, followed by cake, movie, and popcorn.  They watched the animated Star Wars Clone Wars.  I was surprised they actually watched for an hour before running off to play.  They were eating Skittles while watching the movie - sugar high!  

The party seemed to be a success!  (I am glad it's over though.)

Will you nap HERE or THERE?

Yes, I will nap ANYWHERE!

Weston has had a rough time with napping recently.  He won't nap in the early afternoon when he needs it.  So he often will fall asleep in the late afternoon/early evening.  Sometimes I find him in these weird places, but sometimes he will just get in his bed.  When we haven't seen Weston in a little while, we always check his bed first.  He won't nap when we want him to; it's on his own time.  The problem is when he takes a late nap, he won't go to bed.  Sigh...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I never know what I'm going to find...

...when I check on the boys before I go to bed.  They have some pretty weird sleeping habits (but maybe I do too - I think I talk in my sleep and occasionally hit Alex).  

The one I hope not to find too often is Weston with his pants off.  I hope that is over!

chompin', strollin', and hangin'

Savannah cut a tooth, with another soon to follow.  She has chomped down on me several times.  I'm not sure how to get her not to bite.  When I pull her off and yell as if to startle her, she thinks it's funny.  

We started her on rice cereal.  She ate it like a pro right away.  

She moved from the baby Bjorn to the stroller (because she was getting too heavy).  She seems to like the umbrella stroller.  Although I have too many kids at home to use a jogging stroller right now, I did take her once when the boys were at the father & sons campout.  She didn't make a peep, so I guess the ride was okay.    

She is getting used to Owen & Weston playing with and around her.  She didn't mind them putting stuffed animals on her back (not sure why they wanted to, but she liked it).  She also sometimes watches videos with them.

Love those pretty blue eyes!

3 stooges?

I guess Savannah needs a bit more hair...  ha ha.  Lucky little guy here with his 2 lady friends.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


I'm not sure I like these surveys... one thing just glares out at me... do you see it?  But I guess it is good to know what he thinks about me.  But really, salad and Dr. Pepper??  I rarely have those.  And I think I am pretty accustomed to spiders by now.  

Alex made breakfast (and fajitas for dinner) and got me the tulips.  I got the necklaces and gerber daisy at church.  

Love all these moms.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Buzz band-aids...

...evidence that we have a lot of boys at our house.  These were the only ones I could find.  

Buzz Lightyear is cool.  Dropping glass lids on your toe is not cool.

Mormon Helping Hands

We had the opportunity to participate in a service project recently, along with many others who were doing various projects for Mormon Helping Hands.  We were all ready for a painting project, but we were needed for weeding instead.  The boys were a little disappointed, but they helped pull weeds from an area by the track at a local High School. Good helpers!  They had fun playing in the piles of weeds and finding ladybugs.  Savannah had a little ladybug friend on her hat. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What Heaven Sees in You

I love this song by Doug Walker.  I came across this video that goes along with it as well, so I had to share.  If only you would have "eyes to see what Heaven sees in you..."  Don't forget how important you are!  (This gets me even more emotional now thinking about my own little daughter.)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

my cool four-eyed fruit bat

Jared had his 1st grade play recently.  They acted out the book, "The Great Kapok Tree", about saving the rain forests. A man starts to cut down a tree, falls asleep, and animals and birds come talk to him during his sleep about why he shouldn't cut the tree down.  Jared got to be one of the bats, saying his part with two others.  I wish I had recorded him saying his part.  They said we would be able to purchase a copy of the play, so I didn't bother to take any video.  However, I later found out that it was $33 for a copy of the play (this must have been some real professional videography going on)... sorry Jared.  I'm too cheap to pay that much for your 30 seconds of fame.  Maybe I will just record him later saying his part.  He did a good job and looked cool in his costume (which luckily I did NOT have to make).  

future wedding videos?

Silly boys with a sugar high...