Sunday, March 29, 2009

NM fun

We had fun hanging out with Alex's parents in New Mexico. Besides going hiking, we rode the Railrunner from Bernalillo to Sante Fe, fed the goats, and played the Wii.

Tent Rocks

While in NM, we went on a hike to "Tent Rocks," named for its tent-shaped rocks. (Alex could tell you how they formed.) It was a beautiful day and we took lots of pics. The boys loved playing in the roots of a tree and climbing through the rocks in the slot canyon. Nathan hiked the whole way - 3.3 miles, and Jared hiked about 2 miles of it. Owen liked riding in the carrier, and I actually really enjoyed the hike - one of my favorites.

Zion National Park

We only went on one short hike here, since we didn't get there until about 5:00pm. ZNP is a geologist's dream - lots of big rocks. :) I thought it was okay... the boys liked throwing rocks into the stream. Jared and Nathan both hiked the 1.5 miles.

on the road...

Along the way, we stopped by this beautiful place,
Marble Canyon - this was my favorite scenery of the trip.

Owen was having a hard time, so he was glad to get out of his carseat for a little bit.

Grand Canyon

I wanted to give Audrey and Sam their "blog moment", so I hadn't posted the rest of our trip to Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. We stayed with Alex's parents in NM for a few days, and then spent a couple of days seeing the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park on the way to the wedding. The Grand Canyon was, well... grand, but it was nerve racking with little kids that wanted to run around. Many of the places along the edge are just that- the edge, with no railing. And Jared had a hard time with the hand-holding thing. They had fun climbing across the rocks and you'll notice that "Raffe" had to come to. That little stuffed giraffe has been to several places now, including Australia and the Grand Canyon...

Monday, March 23, 2009

more wedding pics

Sam and Audrey...

Here's a few pics from my sister's wedding, on Saturday the 21st of March. They were married in the St. George temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We're so happy for them and glad that we were able to be there for their special day. The song playing on my playlist is their song. Sam sang it at the wedding dinner on Friday. I just wish he was actually singing it on my playlist, because he does it much better. I've heard him sing it to Audrey twice, and I cried both times. It's so sweet. Yeah for Sam and Audrey! Oh, and I had to put a picture in of them in the get-away car. When they got in to start the car, it wouldn't start. Sam's mechanic brother had rigged it... so funny! So that's why they are still getting pelted with birdseed!