Friday, February 3, 2017

Backpacking trip

When I did Jared's post, it got me thinking about scouts.  Alex is the scoutmaster, and he has done several things this year.  I don't think he takes pictures of weekly activities, but he does occasionally post pictures on FaceBook of camping and such that are not in my pictures.  I realized I missed a few things that I want in our yearly photo books.  Alex scheduled a scouting trip in August, and it turned out that Nathan was the only one who could make it.  So Alex took Nathan, Jared, and the dog on a backpacking trip.  

Here's what Alex said about it, "Proud of Nathan and Jared again. We did 12 miles over 3 days in the Silver Peak Wilderness just south of Big Sur. Although it wasn't that far it was a rough trail. We gained 3000 feet of elevation from sea level to the crest of the Santa Lucias in 6 miles carrying our full packs. It was too foggy to get many views of the ocean but they came occasionally. Cool thing was the ash from the fires to the north and south. When the winds switched during the evenings it came down like snow - kinda eerie but at least we didn't smell much smoke."

I am glad I didn't know what kind of trail they were on - looks too narrow!  I'm glad they made it home safely.  The boys were exhausted, and the dog was nice and worn out too.  

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