Wednesday, February 8, 2017

welcome to cub scouts!

Since Owen turned 8, he is now old enough to do cub scouts at church.  He had a couple of introductory meetings in January - one was a pack hike to the beach.  Then he jumped right into pinewood derby, which was super fun for Owen this year because he had a winning car.  Jared was pretty disappointed, because he had designed his car for speed this year, only to get beat by Owen... 

Owen got his bobcat award the same day as the pinewood derby race.  So he is officially a wolf now!  

They both did the district race as well, and I am glad they participated.  Owen got 3rd place in the wolves and earned a trophy.  Jared wanted to win something too, but he didn't, so we had to comfort him because it was his last year for pinewood derby.  We tried to explain how it wasn't about winning - that it was more important for them to participate, to be there, and just show up.  It's hard when you want so badly to win.

Jared's car is the blue one in slot 28 and Owen's is in 29.  I'm pretty sure the sleek gold one in slot 30 won the whole district race.   

I hope they still had fun racing!  

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