Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fall Soccer

All of the boys played soccer in the fall.  Nathan and Jared had the same coach (different teams).  Alex and I coached Weston's team.  We had practice M-T-W-Th (3 practices on Wednesday) and 4 games every Saturday.  Pretty crazy.  It was Weston's first year to play soccer.  He didn't like it very much, but we bribed him to stick it out the whole season with a promised Lego set if he kept playing.  I don't think he ever really enjoyed playing, but he did have fun with his friends.  He was lucky to kick the ball a few times during a game.    

Nathan played U14 on the Great Whites - their record was 2 wins, 8 losses.  Jared was U12 on the Fire-Breathing Rubber Duckies - their record was 3 wins, 7 losses.  Both of them had a pretty tough year.  Owen's U8 team was the Steelers, and Weston's U7 team was the Blue Sharks.  They don't keep score for the younger groups, but Weston's team did have an undefeated season.  They had 2 ties, but no losses.  Almost everyone on Weston's team scored a goal, except Weston.  There was a team goal in the last game, which was the closest Weston got to scoring.  In the picture below, Weston is #5.  We don't know who touched it last, but we're calling that Weston's goal.  The last game was pretty intense for a U7 game.  We were down 2-0, then came back 3-2 with the other team scoring in the last minute to tie it 3-3.  Fun times!   

I made awards for each of the kids on our team.  Weston got the perseverance award, for sticking it out the whole season.   Some of the other awards were Super Striker, Leading Scorer, Most Aggressive, Biggest Kicks, Best Team Player... 
I put together the cookies as a thank you to team parents, who did our banner, snack schedule, and got cupcakes and trophies for each of the boys.  We had some really great parents this season. 

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