Friday, February 3, 2017

December activities

December was so busy that I didn't take pictures of half of the things I did!  I was too busy getting ready for birthdays, baptism, Christmas, and travel.  I didn't even help with the Christmas tree this year.  Alex and the kids put it up and decorated it.  Here is evidence of a few things accomplished:

Treats for friends/neighbors
Christmas letters sent
Relief Society Christmas dinner (I sang in a trio) - it was also my friend Klisa's last activity here before they moved.  We also went to a separate farewell for their family.  
Calendars made

I laughed nearly every time I walked by our little nativity.  Savannah re-arranged it several times.  One time Mary and Jesus were missing, but I found them in Savannah's room.

Nathan had a choir concert, which was undocumented.  They sounded good, and I was happy to hear that Nathan wanted to try out for the show choir next year.  This is from Nathan who I had to persuade to do choir this year.  I'm glad he likes it now.

Weston had a Kindergarten Sing, which was really cute.  However, he had a bit of a problem before his concert.  I made him put on a button-up white dress shirt.  He didn't want to wear it.  I told him he should wear it because he looked nice, and I pushed him out the door to the school.  But when we got out of the car, he was bawling.  He did NOT want to be seen in his dress shirt.  He said, "Brandon (his best buddy) won't like my shirt!"  We got to his classroom and he refused to go in, still crying.  I looked over at Owen, who was wearing a red shirt and asked if Weston could wear his shirt.  They traded right there, and Weston happily went to his concert.  No one noticed Owen in the too small white dress shirt... what a nice brother!

We got lousy seats because we were nearly the last ones to get in there, but you can catch a glimpse of the red shirt... :)

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