Sunday, February 5, 2017

Christmas travels

As if we hadn't traveled enough already this year, we got back in the car and headed to OK and TX the day after Owen's birthday.  Honestly, I wasn't excited about driving again, but my family had already planned for all of us (my parents and all of my siblings) to get together for Christmas.  I originally planned to go straight to TX, but Alex talked me into dropping by OK on the way for a few days.  It IS a neighboring state - we'll just drop by... It wasn't that I didn't want to go to OK - I just wasn't interested in extra time on the road.  But, I am glad that we went, and we had a fun visit, although very short.  To make sure we had 3 full days to visit, we did the drive in 2 days (we usually do 3 days).  Those were the longest days ever.  I stayed up until 5:00am the night of Owen's birthday trying to get everything ready to go - we wanted to leave at 6:00am.  We got out only 2 hours later than planned that first day, and Weston only puked twice from carsickness.  We rolled into Alex's parents place around midnight the 2nd day.

It was COLD when we arrived - only 8 degrees.  As soon as it warmed up enough, the boys got right down to business - shooting guns.   They also helped drive in some fence posts.   

Another fun thing was riding on Papa's motorized scooter.  I even had a go!  

We got to celebrate Savannah's birthday while there (although we celebrated again in TX).  I like the picture of her admiring her princess cupcakes.

The kids got to open Christmas presents early!  Nathan got a metal detector, with which they enjoyed running around outside, exploring the yard.  They did find something - we're just not sure what it was.   

This was my favorite from the present opening - Owen receiving his 3rd Star Wars Hovertank.  He actually was really excited, because that meant he would have a whole fleet of them.

Jane joined us for a bit too, and we enjoyed going to see the latest Star Wars movie with her.  One of the other fun things with this visit was seeing that Nathan and Grandma are now the same height!  

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