Thursday, February 2, 2017

Halloween festivities

Owen and Weston HAD to be angry birds for Halloween.  And they had specific ones they wanted to be too, so I had to get out the sewing machine, the felt, and put something together.  Jared wanted to be a knight from a book he was reading, and Savannah changed her mind every few days.  Nathan didn't want to be anything... until the day before dress up day at school.  Then he wanted a costume.  I searched for something suitable for a 12 year old boy at the thrift store  - only came up with a pirate shirt.  Owen and Weston liked their costumes... until they put them on.  Then they were too droopy.  Luckily Owen got sick the day of the school parade, because he was too embarrassed to wear it.  Savannah was happy with her fairy wings - I found a smaller version at the thrift store, but it got a hole in it pretty quickly.  So I made another set for her.  It turned out pretty cute, although they kept turning.  She just couldn't keep those wings straight!    

Savannah drew the face on her pumpkin - so cute!

We had a few different fun things - a dinner and trunk or treat, school parade, and friend party, as well as trick or treating around the neighborhood.  Weston got one piece of candy from the neighbor, and then he was done.  

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Debora said...

Love the angry bird eating the corn dog :)