Friday, February 3, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

On Thanksgiving morning, Jared and I ran a 5K race.  Jared had been training with me for a couple of months, doing a little bit longer run with me on Wednesday mornings.  He was already doing 1 mile on Monday and Friday mornings.  We added in a 2-3 mile run on Wednesday mornings.  His training runs were about 9:20 pace, and he beat that by about 50 seconds per mile during the race.  I had a cold that morning (only feeling about 60%), so I told Jared to leave me in the dust if he wanted to.  We ran the first half together, and then he took off!  I saw him ahead of me, but never caught up.  Jared's time was 26:24 and I came in at 26:50 (according to them) - I had myself clocked in at 27:15.  Way to go Jared!   

I spent the rest of the day working on Thanksgiving dinner - it turned out great!  Love the Jennie-O turkeys that you can put in the oven from frozen.  I made/bought 3 kinds of pie, because we couldn't agree on a favorite.  So we had key lime, apple, and cherry pie - yummy! (I only made the key lime pie.)  The rolls and mashed potatoes were homemade though.  No skimping there.  I also did fried chicken drumsticks for the kids.  I think Weston ate one bite of that and about 4 rolls!

The day after Thanksgiving, my friend Vivianne was able to drop by to chat for a little bit.  It was nice to see her again.

We spent the afternoon hanging out at the beach - the weather was so nice, and there were very few people there.   
Sure beats Black Friday shopping!

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