Monday, February 6, 2017

We're all together again...

We made to my parents home in time for dinner on Friday.  On Saturday, we had a busy day.  We started off with family pictures, which didn't take more than 5 minutes (it was lightly raining).  

Then we did Owen's baptism and Luke's baby blessing.  I was pleasantly surprised to see our neighbors from CA there - they were staying not far from there for Christmas.  Alex had coordinated with them about the time and location, so he knew they might be coming.  I had no idea they would be there.  There were a few people from my parents' ward there, but the rest was family.  

Here's the collage I put together of Owen:  
We had a nice program.  My Dad conducted.  Mike led the music and Carrie played the piano.  The opening song was "When I am Baptized" and Ashley gave the opening prayer.  Then Nathan, Jared, Owen, Jaden, and Nicholas sang "I am a Child of God", followed by a talk on baptism given by my Mom.  Alex performed the baptism of Owen, with Daniel and my Dad as witnesses.  While Alex and Owen were getting dressed, I played a video I put together of the kids, as well as a couple of other videos from - "Lessons I Learned as a Boy" and "Lifting Burdens".  Then I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost, followed by Sam, Audrey, Micah, and Alison singing an arrangement of "Come Follow Me."  All of the guys participated in the confirmation of Owen, which was performed by Alex.  Then we had the special opportunity to do Luke's blessing.  My Dad finished off with some closing remarks.  The closing song was "I Feel my Savior's Love," followed by my Dad saying the closing prayer.  It was perfect.    

                 We had some time to wait before the they are waiting.

We had lunch after the baptism and blessing.  Then we all helped clean the church building.  The kids were pretty good helpers.  

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Debora said...

It was a bit stressful...but a great day!!