Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fall Pre-School

We started up our pre-school days again.  I am watching Annie once a week again this year, so that naturally became our craft, books, and fun day.  I decided to do the alphabet, but not in order.  Our first one was letter I.  

I is for ice cream!    

B is for blueberry shakes, books, bears, balloons, and beach balls.  

A is for apples and apple pie!

O is for orange, owls, orange juice, oatmeal cookies, and bingO.

J is for jack-o-lanterns!

We took an outing to 2 local pumpkin patches.  

I don't know what happened to the pictures here, but this is all I have for Z.  Z is for zebra and zoo animals.  

U is for up and USA.  Made some patriotic rice krispie treats.  

Again, these were the only pictures I had for T.  T is for turkeys, Thanksgiving, and thankful trees.  

Y is for you, yarn, and yellow.

S is for skittles, stable, star, and Santa.  

C is for candy canes and cookies.  They played with peppermint scented play-doh.  

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