Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The rest of the year...

After the family pictures, baptism, baby blessing, Christmas, and birthday party were over, we had time to just hang out!  

We all went to the movies one day - some saw "Passengers", some went to "Rogue One", and several went to "Moana."

It was warm enough to swim one day, although most of us didn't bring our swimsuits.  My boys just swam in regular shorts.  Ashley swam in her sweater... she actually jumped in to rescue Emmy and then since she was already wet, she jumped in all the way!

Roasting hot dogs...

This was one of my favorite things - going to the temple with Papa, Alex, Nathan, Jaden, Daniel, and Ashley.  Jaden just turned 12, so he is now old enough to do temple work.  It was his first time to go to the temple.  Alex and I prepared some names to take and do baptisms for as well.  It had been a while since I had participated in doing baptisms.  While we were there, a temple worker made some remarks about the importance of temple work.  As I was feeling the Spirit, Nathan turned to me and whispered, "I can feel the Spirit."  I was glad he was experiencing the same feelings.    

After the temple, we met Sam, Jared, and Hazel and went out to eat.  Then the girls came home, and the guys went to the Alamo Bowl.  Oklahoma State won the game, but it turned out to be a pretty boring game.  Nathan and Jared were glad to be there though - their first bowl game!

Some took an outing to the museum one afternoon.  

I liked just hanging out at home!  We stayed for New Year's Eve, but had to head back home on New Year's Day.  
Mike and Carrie brought their dogs - Cheerio and Benny.  They were pretty cute together!

Savannah enjoyed having some girls to play with...

Sure love hanging out with family!

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