Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dragons and princesses

No time to slow down... on Monday, the kids had an amazing princess and dragon party, planned and put together by Audrey.  The big kids got to do an escape room, where they had to solve clues that would help them get out of a room they were "trapped" in.  The younger kids did a dragon egg hunt, knight target practice, and decorated their own goblet.  The girls got to have their nails, hair, and make-up done.  It was great fun!

After all the fun, the kids were ready for lunch and cake.  Audrey planned some fun themed food, although I think it was Micah that put the dragon veggie plate together.  

Four of the kids have December birthdays - Owen, Jaden, Hazel, and Savannah.  Micah has a December birthday too.  I was in charge of the cake, so I did my best to stick with the dragon and princess theme.  They turned out pretty well!  We were eating leftover cake the rest of the week.  

Savannah wanted a Cinderella cake - I think she was pretty happy with it!  She got to keep he Cinderella doll too after we were done with the cake.  

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